Super expedited service to accelerate cell line evaluation for clone selection

Cergentis is introducing a new service for clone selection process – our Short Report Option. In just three (3) weeks, we offer quick identification of siblings and any mutations in the gene of interest (GOI), allowing for selection of clones that do not contain undesired mutations. For random or semi-targeted integration methods, it provides insights into sister clones, while for targeted methods, it contains information on off-target events. This information will help you identify top clones, for which our extended analysis can be performed. Our extended analysis offers comprehensive genetic characterization, including genomic coordinates of integration site(s), confirmation of the sequence of the transgene and flanking regions in the GOI, and expression construct integrity. Additional analysis will be reported in a comprehensive report, which will be shared by one of our scientific experts, ensuring that the data is well understood.

Important details:

  • Turnaround time: 3 weeks
  • Cell type: any cell line with reference genome
  • Integration method: all (i.e. random, semi-targeted, targeted)
  • Sample number requirement: minimum 6 (no maximum)

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New short report screenshot