TLA-based NGS & genomic gene fusion breakpoint sequence specific MRD testing in leukemia & lymphoma

The TLA technology uniquely enables the targeted complete next generation sequencing of genes of interest and enables the detection of all single nucleotide variants, rearrangements including deletions and gene fusions in leukemia and lymphoma. 


  • TLA empowers the sequencing of gene fusions and deletion breakpoint sequences at the single nucleotide level.
  • We have applied TLA retrospectively on acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) patient samples, identified gene fusion breakpoint sequences, and performed gene fusion breakpoint specific qPCRs with newly designed patient specific primer/probes.
  • Gene fusion breakpoint sequences identified with TLA prove to be a good basis for qPCR-based MRD detection.
Application note - MRD testing in leukemia and lymphoma